About us

Neolife Medical Center, member of Bozlu International Group, is one of the reference medical clinics in Romania and Eastern European space, where international experience, tradition and medical innovation are present in the superlative. Revolutionary diagnostic and treatment techniques and equipment have been brought, for the first time, in Romania.

The most advanced European protocols are applied in illness treatment and especially, in the treatment of neoplasms. Multidisciplinary teams of Romanian and foreign doctors educated in the best universities of medicine in the world, make a medicine of 5 stars possible in Romania for its patients.

At the middle of 2016, Neolife Medical Center of Iasi was inaugurated, the first integrated nuclear medicine center in Moldova.

Bozlu Holding

Neolife Medical Center Romania is a company member of BOZLU group in Turkey which owns on an international level 18 companies and 10 brands, activating in the field of health and of technological services.

Bozlu is a group of companies in the field of health that are vertically integrated, the main concern being oncology and top of the range services in this field. The companies of Bozlu group are present in Romania and Moldova and own operations in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.

The group also owns a company that manufactures radiopharmaceutics - Monrol - and owns international manufacturing facilities in Dubai, Egypt, Kuwait and Romania.

The Neolife brand is part of the main company of group MNT, founded in 1989, its main business being nuclear medicine, recognised for the various premieres in the industry of nuclear medicine.

There are over 50 medical centers belonging to MNT, that provide clinical services, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy service in Turkey and in other countries. MNT is a business to business company, and Neolife is the business to consumer brand of MNT.

The group owns an excellency medical center in Istanbul, the second one in Romania and the third one shall be in Sankt Petersburg, Russia.

Neolife Medical Center Romania was invested as a regional excellency center in the field of giving diagnostics and general and oncological treatment, especially, being transferred both in the revolutionary technology and the international medical know-how as well as mixed expert Romanian-Turkish multidisciplinary teams in the most advanced procedures fo diagnostic and treatment, on an international level.

Mission and values

“Neolife Medical Center wishes to position itself as leader in providing certain premium medical services in the field of healthcare, promoting innovating projects and top professional expertise in the field of oncological medical assistance. For us, there are no illnesses, but only ill people.” Claudiu TRONCIU, General Manager NeoLife Romania

Our mission is to ensure top of the range medical services, integrated and adjusted to the individual needs of each patient, efficiency and expediency in recovering the most valuable asset of each person - Health.

Multidisciplinary teams that include specialists and experts from all medical fields, including psychological counsels, innovating techniques, pioneering, that we promote in oncological diagnostics and treatment represent the benefits that we wish to make available to the patients that we have the privilege to treat.

By the quality staff, modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and services centered on complying with the patient’s needs, we wish to become a leader on the market of medical services in Romania, in the oncological field and one of the reference clinics for healthcare services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Neolife values: Excellency and performance of services, Accessing state-of-the-art technologies in the oncological field, Responsibility, Personalised approach, Quality of life, Respect for the patient.

Quality of services

At Neolife, profound respect for the patients’ health and rights completely influence the designing of the policy on quality management. To this end, we give an increased importance to the incorporation of the highest quality standards in our activity. We are aware that the success of a company may come from the implementation and preservation of a quality management system designed for the continuous improvement of performance.