In modern medicine, boards are founded in order to set down the most efficient treatment in case of complicated illnesses. This is a method that most certainly increases the success rate of a treatment. Cancer tumours are complicated cases, that must be approached differently and personalised in the case of each patient. Thus, our center has decided to create a multidisciplinary team, consisting of experts in associated speciality areas, who collaborate for the purpose of curing our patients.

What is a multidisciplinary tumor board

In these teams, doctors from various areas of expertise discuss and evaluate the status of the patient from all possible angles. The pluridisciplinary analysis of these cases helps to establish the mos appropriate treatment methods for each patient.

What are the advantages of Multidisciplinary Boards in the Treatment of Tumours

The consultations and discussions that took place under these conditions, the study of the illness in great detail increase the success rate of a treatment. Furthermore, doctors and experts that are part of the board are informed of the latest discoveries in the field and the information present in the specialised literature. Multidisciplinary Boards in the Treatment of Tumours founded in our center reunite both doctors in fields such as oncology, radio-oncology, pathology, general surgery and expert radiologists. Due to these boards, the patients shall not waste any time consulting various doctors and may count on the fact that their medical situation is carefully analysed from all points of view.

How do Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards work

The preparations necessary for each case are discusses within boards by doctors and invited experts. Following each analysis, there are exchanges of information and theme discussion that lead to making a common decision finalizing an efficient treatment plan.

Who is part of the Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards

  • Oncologist
  • Radio-oncologist
  • Radiologist
  • Pathologist
  • Related specialisation physician
  • Nurse specialised in oncology