What is Scintigraphy

Scintigraphy – Is a technique of modern imaging, used in nuclear medicine, which allows for the diagnosis of numerous disorders by introducing in the body a radioactive substance called tracer, which has affinity for certain organs, and detecting radiations issued outside the body by a special device called GAMMA CAMERA. By processing the raw images with the help of specialised programs, three-dimensional images can be reproduced.

Scintigraphy investigations, such as cardiac, cerebral, pulmonary, bone, or kidney with DTPA are the most common procedures used for diagnosis in the field of nuclear medicine.​

The patient is administered, intravenously, the radiotracer substance. The radiotracer then accumulates in the organ that is subject to examination in a certain time frame.

The waiting time until the procedure is carried out can vary from a few minutes in case of hepatic scintigraphy to 2-3 hours in case of bone scintigraphy.

Nuclear Medicine - Scintigraphy Medical Team