About Tomosynthesis

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, and one in 8-10 women will be affected by this disease. Breast cancer, if detected in an early stage, can be cured, therefore breast screening is very important, particularly for women over 40.

Tomosynthesis is a new technology of digital mammography which is undeniably superior to other methods of breast cancer screening. Tomosynthesis uses a three-dimensional imaging technology (3D), while standard mammography only produces a two-dimensional image (2D). The option to execute imaging sections of the tumour make tomosynthesis a more valuable and convenient method as compared to standard digital mammography when evaluating the cancerous mammary formation. This method allows for a clear illustration of the areas that raise problems, by recombining in a three-dimensional manner the images of tumour sections.

Neolife Medical Center is equipped with one of the most performant devices - Mammomat Inspiration, manufactured by Siemens, which helps conducting faster, more accurate examinations, and with a reduced dose of radiations.

Advantages of tomosynthesis

  • Allows early detection and diagnosis even in case of small-sized tumours;
  • Reduces the probability of scheduling the patient for repeated mammographies, and thus the radiation dose to which the patients are exposed is diminished;
  • Reduces the risk of performing unnecessary biopsies and surgical interventions;
  • Traces with accuracy the tumour limits and determines with precision its location on a three-dimensional map;
  • Reduces pain by exerting a significantly more gentle pressure on the breast when obtaining the film, as compared to classic mammography

Neolife Medical Team for Tomosynthesis